The glory of the fire of Judgment!


Glory too the Fire of Judgment.

It burns the fire of judgment, it burns.
It burns away the bonds and chains; it burns.

It burns the fire of judgment, it burns away the dross and pain.
Refiners fire, glory come, burn away, burn away.

Oh glory, glory to the fire of Judgment, sent out from the hearth of God,
Glory for the fire of judgment sets us free to be people of God.
Glorious burning come to me, release me from my misery.
Glorious fire thanks to thee my heart and mind are finely free.

Freedom comes with the Judgment, freedom from this body of death,
Burn me mold me make me able to withstand your happiness.
Happy are the ones who find you, molded in the fire so pure.
Happy are the ones who know you to be their only perfect cure.

Cure from anguish, cure from pain, cure from all sordid gain.
Cure from sorrow, cure from ease, the cure that will in God’s mind please.

Grateful are we who know this truth, the burning of our flesh from youth.
Grateful are we little ones, who doubt not God’s redeeming Son.
This time, latter, maybe now, this fire it comes upon your brow;

Let the burning be your redemption and for you a final cure.
Futile is resistance, say the wizened ones; for with the burning comes the Son.
Son of God, Son of glory, God’s holy anointed one.
Coming finely for his people made ready in His judgments flame.

Bow before the refiners fire, stand not lest you be crushed;
humbly bow, stand no longer, be before his alter slain.
For in mercy grace and kindness He receives his lovers lame.



Copyright 2009 william.mark.parry

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