Mighty Men of Valor

mighty men

Mighty men of valor, men of God,

Men of renown and prowess,

Warriors of the King of Heavens Armies,


Do you recognize yourself?  Have you forgotten your call?

Have you forgotten your examples, such that you fall?


Have you lost yourself in the stew of this wretched time?

Remember your heritage, remember your call!

Stand tall; great are those who keep you, lest you fall!


Enoch who walked with God and was no more, tutor of Messiah,

Forevermore the “son of man” did he restore!


Noah, man of Righteousness, faithful and true through him
we all started anew.  Remember his troubles, now they’re yours too!


Abraham, father of all faith, lover of reality in truth. 

Aware from earliest youth, Following, yet not knowing where he went,

It is by his faith you have been sent.  All are his heir, if but lent.


Moses, the humblest man on earth,

Who slipped but once, never touching promised earth.

It is he who wrote the early words, that Messiah himself might be heard!


Gideon, hiding from his destiny, until the living word came,

Mighty man of God your story is the same!


David, “man after God’s own heart,”

Warrior king of renown, fighter, lover, magistrate,

He never failed at the gate, but in a bed prostrate.


Yeshua, full of grace and truth, Savior, It is he who has kept you from your youth.


Mighty man of God your encouragement comes not from searching you.

For your prowess is in your humility, meekness and service true.

But you are mighty none the less, meekness to Him is best!


Powerlessness is not your way.

Power under control, that’s for today.

Submission is your test,

Power through meekness,

Do not esteem weakness!


“For the eyes of the Lord move about on all the earth,

to strengthen the heart that is completely toward Him...”*


Mighty man of God,

One of many of renown and prowess,

You are thus because He has said it.

Believe it and it is so.


If in Him is your strength, courage and power found,

Evermore you will never hit the ground!



* 2 Chronicles 16:9

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