Living From Eternity

2014-12-27 16.35.05

Our hearts and spirits are formed by and filled with the eternal, unbound, unfettered reality and nature of God.

They are placed within us in love, for love, and can only be sustained by love; love in God’s Truth.

Yet our character is also formed by the temporal, limited subjective nature of this world.

We are pressured and limited by the oppression and dysfunctions inherent in the broken world’s systems. We are trained how to be by others’ opinions, and formed by our reactions.

“Our rest is the weapon against the oppression, of man’s obsession to control things”, sings Josh Garells.

When we enter into a true Shabbat, a true rest, a Sabbath, our hearts are restored; we see through the veil, back into the eternal.

For YHVH is outside our temporal limitations. He has placed the freedom of the eternal in our hearts.

There we find Him; we can bring purpose, understanding and meaning back into the temporal realm.

That is our purpose and then He is glorified!

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