Are You Being Disillusioned ?

crucified christ

A life in illusion is not life,

Illusion is a lie.

A life fabricated in our minds,

Founded on fantasy,

Is not life, it is a lie.


Who determines what is true for you?

Your mind,

Your heart,

Your conscience,

Your culture,

Your god?


Being dis-illusioned is good!

Who wants to live a lie;

A lie fabricated by ones mind,

Or someone else’s opinion,

Or ones fears?


Who wants reality; really?.


Being dis-illusioned is good,

Disillusionment is real,

It’s painful to ones pride.

Being real hurts our pride;

Our self-serving ideas can become god’s.

Our pride must be crucified!


Someone said;

“You worship what your fear”!

We bow down and worship, conforming our perceptions to the demands of what we fear.

If what we fear is real, we might fabricate illusions to make us comfortable and safe from our fears, Thus creating an illusion to live within.


Someone said;

“People judge themselves by their intentions and others by their actions”.

We all believe in our intentions .

We all believe our intentions are good and noble, and true,

But are they really?


Who’s the judge?




Ones culture?

Your ideas?

The law of the land?

The one true God?


Truth will out,

Reality is truth,

God is truth!


Being dis-illusion-ed is good it brings us into reality!

Reality is good! But it hurts ones pride!

Our pride must be crucified!


Realty is humbling.

Reality is living on the cross of Christ!

The cross of Christ is our place of humility,

The cross of Christ is our bridge into reality.


Live in reality.

Fear God alone!


Truth, grace and mercy are real;

They are found at the Cross of Christ

When we are willing to let our pride be crucified,

Becoming disillusioned.


©  wmp 9.2.16-15.11.15: re-posted 19.11.18

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