Who cares for truth in a lawless age?


Who cares for truth in a lawless age, when Pope and potentate rage?


Who cares for truth in this lawless age where relativity contends against the sage?

The scales shift to suit the headlines or the editors view, will this really do?


Finding truth will save our time, if quick we look to histories chime, remembering we all are destined to dissolve in the lime.

We are but dust in the sands of time.


What we believe will give us no rest, unless it is able to stand the test.

Pilate saw this truth as all will one day.  In facing him he questioned- The Answer- to his shame. Our hope was declared in Truths very name.

Truth will out, truth remains, for reality reigns.


Denial and deception are a vaporous fog. The fog of delusion is soon to fade against the light of dawn in the coming age.

Truth rises on the horizon; it is the Son.

Son of God, Son of Glory, God’s holy and anointed one;

Coming for those made ready, facing the question of their day.


Who cares for truth in a lawless age?


Truth alone remains.  He who is coming soon to save those willing to face these questions grave.


Yeshua is his real name; salvation, truth and he are the same.



Published: 17.7.22; 18.12.07;Edited & Re-posted 19.04.29



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