No footprints when we go

mist hangs above the hills above mist hangs stone face of mountain above mountain face hangs a net of sky- crack! there are wings and they rip the net!                    and the Dance flows on                    everything flows toward the rim of that shining cup   crossed sticks lie on earth between crossed sticks-pile of ash … More No footprints when we go

Choosing time

  Choose whom you will serve.   Choosing time, He said it; it started in the womb. He said it. We all must choose; but whom? . Worlds before you, kings and kingdoms full of grace, Realms of power, realms of disgrace, Realms of glory, realms of pain, recognize them by their name. . Caesar … More Choosing time

Seasons of walking in the word-my story

My Story: I was born in 1960 at the epicenter of an earthquake that fractured America’s moral foundations. Cultural aftershocks reverberating back and forth across America today might actually have started in my own back yard. It might sound grandiose, perhaps it’s true?.  All our lives participate in a much larger story in small and sometimes large … More Seasons of walking in the word-my story