The circle game.

The Circle Game   . Running on our own, making our own way, being right not seeing what’s real. . We; defining our own truth, defining our own god, defining our own self. It’s endless, it’s meaningless, it’s a self centered fabrication; an illusion. . It’s the circle game. . Circling about our desires, circling  about … More The circle game.

Circling two

. Circling oneself, Seeking fulfillment on ones own terms. Circling, circling, circling; seeking; . Wait. .  Turn to me and you will see differently; says He! He who is the beginning and the end, The creator speaks to those who circle supreme truth.  . Circling but not accepting? He is truth! He is the center, … More Circling two

Circling one

. Circling oneself, Looking for the center Circling. Circling; never-ending quest, never finding rest. Circling oneself is facing emptiness. Seek fulfillment; . Become eccentric. . .