Again , I  battle my pride of position, the place where I sit upon my throne. The place I stand in my high and mighty fortress , overseeing my realm. Territories and  authorities all about us, lands full of  glory or disgrace. Ruling servants, arrogance on ones face or serving humbly; seeing it all as grace. We … More Positioning

Song of the Clay

Deep in the muck and the mud and the mire I began to be formed long before the fire. At first I was dry, lifeless and void, nothing of value or goodness; abhorred. But for the hands of the potter supreme who made me and formed me and molded me to be a vessel of truth and purity, a vessel of usefulness and integrity.   From the muck and … More Song of the Clay

The Pounding

Musing on “The Pounding” I received a profound insight regarding what I call “the pounding” a while back. A little background first: My wife is a metal worker and designer of Jewelry, she explained the process of forming metal please consider this: The jeweler uses four elements for the work of shaping metal. 1.  The … More The Pounding

Setting the Course

  Setting the course heading up north, Forgetting not what’s been, wondering what will be, yet trusting, trusting, only in thee. I need not understand, simply trusting in thee;  you are my compass. We flounder and fall and sometimes we crawl but it’s the motion that counts; curling in upon on self is death. Death … More Setting the Course


Understanding at last?. Understanding the mystery of it all. To believe I can truly understand what’s outside me, Is I see quite simply Tomfoolery. Understanding, I perceive is beyond me Just now I see, it’s about you not me. Understanding at last? May the world perceive, It’s about you, not me; If truly they want … More Understanding

Vanity Fair

  Vanity Fair, its temptations everywhere, Or majestic glory in holiest truth; Living in realms of wonder.   These mutually exclusive kingdoms catch our hearts in between.   Vanity Fair, serving our self-made airs, or seeking the face of grace in truth; It’s the choice we’ve made from  youth.   The realms of God, The kingdoms of this world, We … More Vanity Fair