Workable Truth’s

Following is a compilation of things that work as they align with the reality of our being within the creation. A treasure trove of TRUTH’s. I have been collecting occasionally composing proverbs, and adopted a definition provide by Dr. Wayne Gwilliam- “Workable Truth” . He was a wield, mighty man of God who blew into … More Workable Truth’s

Becoming True

I wrestled again last night with that imposing pressure. That force that tries to imprint on my heart – my insufficiency, my inadequacy, my need! At dawn I saw that it was my effort to ward off that sense, my defenses and self projections, call them what you will- They are the REAL problem. I … More Becoming True

Rest in Me

“Rest in me,” He said after a night of seeking Him. I had gone camping to find His counsel, to seek His face. It was in the morning after struggling with my emotions and reactions to a particular situation that He spoke; At Bodega Head. He lead me to look into the churning seas below, … More Rest in Me

Blind Faith

Evolutionists seem to have faith in something un-provable. Creationists have provable faith in something unseen. Do you have a blind faith in something un-provable or a proven faith in something unseen? It was Rabbi Abraham Heschel who said: “There are not proofs of God, only witnesses”

Rehma from Sinai 1: God is the architect & contractor of your life.

A revelation or Rhema: “Torah is life” faithful Jews say. Christians say “Jesus is the word”. “I am the way, the truth and the Life”; Say’s Jesus. I believe Jesus is the Messiah, in Hebrew his name is Yeshua = Salvation is in Yah. Yeshua is the word. The word is Torah. Torah is life. … More Rehma from Sinai 1: God is the architect & contractor of your life.

Finding Your Way: “Back to the Garden”

“Back to the Garden” is a small book of 19,595 words.  It is a culmination; a journey.  A bit of invitation, exhortation and personal processing, outlining the freedom and limits in constructing a solid spiritual house while living in a deconstructionist age.  May you find it to be a guide or an encouragement on your personal … More Finding Your Way: “Back to the Garden”