Life is now!

Your life is now it is not yesterday it is not tomorrow your life is now or it is not at all. Yesterday it is gone tomorrow may never be our life is now or it is not at all. Yesterday is but a memory, a thought, an illusion of consideration consideration of what was … More Life is now!

Lazarus come forth!

Black heart, Cold flesh, Surely there must be a stench For he has been dead for some time. Master comes. “Did I not tell you that if you belived you would see the glory of God, Lazarus come forth”!   © 1997 wmp. Oak Street Santa Rosa

To know my rest

. To know my rest is a blessed thing, Known only by the humblest of kings. For in my rest you are laid low, Your life upon my alter you sow.   So place yourself within my care, Your worries all; your fears laid bare, I then will see your heart as true, And all … More To know my rest