Walking in the Realms of Wonder


Here now are the realms of wonder.

Yet I forget, I fall out of presence.  I fall back

Back into myself, back into the broken world system, back into the dysfunctions of my mind

Dysfunctions of my understanding about what is true.

Eating again of the wrong tree,
That tempting fruit of the tree of knowledge,
Knowledge of good and evil,
The good and evil that I alone decide.
Independent human reason is death,

Death to the Spirit.

Then I remember.
I remember God is real, true, and with me.

I remember we walk together into the realms of wonder.

That path beyond human knowledge or reckoning,

That path back into what’s true, the path that is life.
Eating of the tree of life, that is true life,
I return in my spirit

Back to Eden.

Then I remember,
I remember one day, the sky will roll up like a scroll and He will return.
He returns to restore all things

Back to Eden.

It is then I remember to walk in the realms of wonder.


© 5.9.2016 w.m.p. Edits:8.12.18;1.15.19


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