Up until Now

“Up until now” is a great declaration of an end of what came before now. Now life for me is the coomunication of our true reality to one another. This poem/declaration is about realizations and a determination to maintain a new perspective;  purpusing to leaving behind common ways many have experienced others… “up until now”!   Up … More Up until Now

Clean up time!

  It’s clean up time! Came to me one morning in 1986; I wrote it down in my journal, in early January of 2016 I found it again, added the image taken at a Christmas display from an open house toured that Christmas Eve in Novato California. Posted now for all to read, the word … More Clean up time!

House on the hill

I walked along golden hills still with spring green. I past along a mended fence. The fences both new and old marched along that road speaking much of times great flight.    But louder still did the fields speak and that lone house on the hill. It spoke of time and toil. It spoke of … More House on the hill

Tell Others

I am part of this land, I have known it, walked it, ridden on it all of my life. My ancestors have farmed, ranched, railed and ruled it. I have learned to see it more and hear it more clearly. I am part of this land. I have watched men destroy it. I have talked … More Tell Others