Ode to Edie

Sweet Minstrel; she. Glory Be! Wordsmith in angels song, How long, how long? Waiting, working, singing, being; Minstrel she, when will her full glory be? Soon enough, soon, enough.     For the occasion of Edie’s 70th Birthday.

Artisan Armin

A Haiku to celebrate the  60th Birthday of  Contractor and Artisan Architect Armin Staprans. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ He Resolutely, Excellence in Actions. Artisan Armin. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  

Sometimes is enough

  Sometimes is enough, You and I in the realms of wonder. Walking in the glory of the presence of love, love and wonder. It’s sometimes  and it is enough. We roaming in the rest and freedom of our creator, We walking in the realms of wonder, together. We together, yet ourselves alone. Sometimes is … More Sometimes is enough

Season of Light

  Season of Lights, Season of Joy, Season of Glory, Friends and family sharing hearts, It’s all that we truly need, and the best  we can be. Be in the Presence of Love- this season of lights!     Happy Holiday’s Mark & Kathryn Parry Idea Studios & Artisan Architecture……. Photo: Christmas Glow: Rochelle  Clinton … More Season of Light

Dancing to a different tune- A Christmas Carol

Dancing to a different tune, Howling at the stars and moon, Glory spilling from finger tips; Maker meeting his creation.   Dancing to a different tune, Messiah comes to a virgins womb,* Spirits children born a new; Dancing to a different tune.   Dancing to a different tune, The music maker,singer,one; Comes to be a … More Dancing to a different tune- A Christmas Carol


  Empty is what we lack, The place to be filled with wonder. Empty is what we are missing. For we fill the empty ourselves, We fill the empty with lesser lovers, While true love waits outside. Outside our empty waits what we lack. We lack room  to be filled for we have filled ourselves, … More Empty

Ode to Kevin J. McIntyre (12/27/60-1/2/18)

Cherished are  memories of Kevin. In our youth,   Growing in confidence and understanding, Exploring, dreaming, establishing;conceiving our futures. Discovering our boundaries,   We, seeing the world from our youthful eyes- enthusiastically! Growing into the men we were to become.   Becoming …   Glorious where the years that came before, The glory that surely … More Ode to Kevin J. McIntyre (12/27/60-1/2/18)

A Separate Place

  There exists a separate place, a separate reality.   In the heat of the desert, Under the scorch of the sun, Exists a place of peace.   This place is built as the foundations of the earth. With the gifts of the mother and the blessings of time. It stands to greet the wind, … More A Separate Place