Be Justice

  “Be Justice” said He, as the Sabbath sun set. *   The last glorious auburn rusty red, turning gray in the westernmost clouds. “Ill bring justice where you can not”.** Me; knowing its is His to keep, my efforts likely vain, insensitive or sacrilegious.   For He knows hearts.*   I; seeing through dim … More Be Justice

Walking on Water?

Much has been said about stepping out of the boat, walking on water in faith or trust.  Warren Hayes a Pastor and Chaplin to Sonoma County’s Sheriff, Police and Peace Officers said a few weeks back “There is no boat left”. These are strange and mysterious times.  Thomas Paine said in very, very similar times-“these … More Walking on Water?

Mighty Men of Valor

Mighty men of valor, men of God, Men of renown and prowess, Warriors of the King of Heavens Armies,   Do you recognize yourself?  Have you forgotten your call? Have you forgotten your examples, such that you are tempted to fall?   Have you lost yourself in the stew of this wretched time? Remember your … More Mighty Men of Valor