Empty. .   Empty is what we lack, The place to be filled with wonder. . Empty is what we are missing. . For we fill the empty ourselves, We fill our empty with lesser lovers, While true love waits outside. . Outside ourselves waits what we lack. . We lack room  to be filled … More Empty

Monument Building

  We are all building monuments, . We build monuments to our successes, monuments to our pain. We build monuments to our offenses and monuments to our gain. . We build them with stones or stories, rocks from along our way, Our thoughts polish and cut them, our words place them, Putting them  where they … More Monument Building

Our life is a war

.   Our life is a war, Our mind the battlefield, Our thoughts the weapons, Our decisions the out-come, . Life or death? Choose life! . Say’s I. .   “See, . I have set before you today life and good, and death and evil…  The blessing and the curse. . Therefore choose life, So … More Our life is a war

Where was God?

Where was God when…. Fifty nine died and 500 were injured in Los Vegas, When 359 where killed in Sri Lanka, Where was God?   God was there: Transforming chaos with compassion, Releasing courage to face fear, Inspiring bravery, selflessness and sacrifice.   God was facing evil with the good.   God was there; he … More Where was God?

Notes to a disciple #2- What’s so controversial about Jordan Peterson?

Notes to a disciple: The question; “I’m trying to figure out exactly why people find Jordan Peterson’s ideas so radical”? “He seems like a genuine human being trying to help others and also discover the truth, what exactly is the controversy as you see it? Is it just that he’s a radical truth seeker and … More Notes to a disciple #2- What’s so controversial about Jordan Peterson?