Our life is a war

. Our life is a war, Our mind the battlefield, Our thoughts the weapons, Our decisions the out-come, . Life or death? Choose life! . Say’s I.   “See, I have set before you today life and good, death and evil…  The blessing and the curse. . Therefore choose life, So that you and your … More Our life is a war


The Veneer is Gone. The Veneer has rubbed off our culture, Exposed are our hearts, our hate, our self-serving ideologies. Where has compassion gone, where has understanding gone? Gone. When we think we are god’s we judge harshly and hate what we do not understand. We are wrong. We are powerless to so much, but … More Veneer-less

Veneer Stripping

The Puritans believed & trusted- through and through, “We” started with them, not perfectly, thoroughly. We have been left with veneer. Many and long are the shadows since them. Veneer stripping is our work today. Stripping away the veneer of good, The veneer of righteousness, The veneer of godliness, We call it tolerance, stripping away … More Veneer Stripping

Workable Truth’s

The following compilation was inspired by Dr. Wayne Gwilliam who suggested the value of “Workable Truth”. Truth that align with the reality of our being within the creation, truth that you can act, work with and rely on. That was about 1999. I have been collecting since then. They are revealed and transcribed in various … More Workable Truth’s

Becoming True

I wrestled again last night with that imposing pressure. That force that tries to imprint on my heart – my insufficiency, my inadequacy, my need! At dawn I saw that it was my effort to ward off that sense, my defenses and self projections, call them what you will- They are the REAL problem. I … More Becoming True

Rest in Me

“Rest in me,” He said after a night of seeking Him. I had gone camping to find His counsel, to seek His face. It was in the morning after struggling with my emotions and reactions to a particular situation that He spoke; At Bodega Head. He lead me to look into the churning seas below, … More Rest in Me

Blind Faith

Evolutionists seem to have faith in something un-provable. Creationists have provable faith in something unseen. Do you have a blind faith in something un-provable or a proven faith in something unseen? It was Rabbi Abraham Heschel who said: “There are not proofs of God, only witnesses”

Circle of Seasons

Seasons Greetings ~ Wreaths of ice enveloping welcome Frozen hearts begin their melting The circle of seasons begins its closing Providence showing the way home. Renewing, returning, restoring, The circle of seasons begins our rejoicing! Image and inspiration by Rochelle Clinton