The Veneer is Gone.   The Veneer has rubbed off our culture, Exposed are our hearts, our hate, our self-serving ideologies. Where has compassion gone, where has understanding gone?   Gone.   When we think we are god’s we judge harshly and hate what we do not understand. We are wrong. We are powerless to … More Veneer-less

Our life is a war

Our life is a war, Our mind the battlefield, Our thoughts the weapons, Our decisions the out-come, Life or death?   Say’s I.   “See, I have set before you today life and good, and death and evil…  The blessing and the curse. Therefore choose life, So that you and your descendants may live…, For … More Our life is a war

Extract yourself

  Extract yourself!   Extract yourself from entertaining the offenses, Offenses rampant in our culture of envy, blame, shame and guilt.   Give up your self righteousness and superiority, become clear!   Set yourself free. Become grateful!* Become sincere, Become understanding, Give up your offense, Give up your defense,   Come clean!   *(Psalm 104:4) © 170726 … More Extract yourself

The artist is?

How do we see the true artist? “I saw him with his white rapt face, looking out like a prophet of the living God, sent to  speak out of the heart of the mystery of truth. I saw him as he sat staring at the paper before him, scratching all over as with the fury … More The artist is?

Son of Pumpkin Butt

Son of Pumpkin Butt   You laugh? She raised a single eyebrow, inquisitively. She overweight- still inspiring  reflection. The superior English instructor, my mother.  “Your reach should exceed your grasp or what’s a heaven for.” Quoted she, quoting Browning the dead Englishmen of old.   We have forgotten the greats, focusing rather on our selves … More Son of Pumpkin Butt

The circle game.

The Circle Game Running on our own, making our own way, being right not seeing what’s real. . We; defining our own truth, defining our own god, defining our own self. It’s endless, it’s meaningless, it’s a self centered fabrication; an illusion. . It’s the circle game. . Circling about our desires, circling  about our-selves, Circling … More The circle game.

Circling two

. Circling oneself, Seeking fulfillment on ones own terms. Circling, circling, circling; seeking; . Wait. .  Turn to me and you will see differently; says He! He who is the beginning and the end, The creator speaks to those who circle supreme truth.  . Circling but not accepting? He is truth! He is the center, … More Circling two

Circling one

. Circling oneself, Looking for the center Circling. Circling; never-ending quest, never finding rest. Circling oneself is facing emptiness. Seek fulfillment; . Become eccentric. . .


  Empty is what we lack, The place to be filled with wonder.   Empty is what we are missing.   For we fill the empty ourselves, We fill the empty with lesser lovers, While true love waits outside.   Outside our empty waits what we lack.   We lack room  to be filled for … More Empty