Rehma from Sinai 1: God is the architect & contractor of your life.

A revelation or Rhema: “Torah is life” faithful Jews say. Christians say “Jesus is the word”. “I am the way, the truth and the Life”; Say’s Jesus. I believe Jesus is the Messiah, in Hebrew his name is Yeshua = Salvation is in Yah. Yeshua is the word. The word is Torah. Torah is life. … More Rehma from Sinai 1: God is the architect & contractor of your life.

Finding Your Way: “Back to the Garden”

“Back to the Garden” is a small book of 19,595 words.  It is a culmination; a journey.  A bit of invitation, exhortation and personal processing, outlining the freedom and limits in constructing a solid spiritual house while living in a deconstructionist age.  May you find it to be a guide or an encouragement on your personal … More Finding Your Way: “Back to the Garden”

Peace of mind.

Peace of mind, comes with time out of mind. Time out of troubles, time beyond time. Time spent walking in the realms of wonder, time spent beyond,leads to peace of mind. Peace of mind comes with time out of mind.

The Poet.

The King rules over the land. The Prophet rules over the Sacred Words. The Priest intercedes between the heavens and the earth. The Poet lives within all three inhabiting them simultaneously. Dr. SkipMoen quotes James L. Perotti when stating”“The poet is a mortal, claimed by the gods to reveal them in words; poetry is at … More The Poet.

The wide empty

These vast vistas, the wide empty; Many pass through, pass over, pass by; Missing the simple magnificence. The simple can see, the pretentious and conceited are blind, blind to the beauty of solitude.   They preferring the clap trap noise, the clutter that is able to silence, silence their inability to perceive the simple magnificence. … More The wide empty


In the quiet, the empty, wisdom speaks. Wisdom flows to the receptive. The vast quite is loud with life, life of a different sort than on the boisterous boarders of humanity. Places of our craftiness are not quiet. Seldom is it so. Here in the big empty on can hear silence and the thoughts of … More Quiet