Extract yourself

  Extract yourself!   Extract yourself from entertaining the offenses, Offenses rampant in our culture of envy, blame, shame and guilt.   Give up your self righteousness and superiority, become clear!   Set yourself free. Become grateful!* Become sincere, Become understanding, Give up your offense, Give up your defense,   Come clean!   *(Psalm 104:4) © 170726 … More Extract yourself

Cultivating Kindness?

Are you tending the garden of your heart?   We tend our hearts with choices,  Choices of focus, Choices of inclinations,  Choices…   We cultivate the garden of our heart.   Do we cultivate resentments? Do we cultivate kindness? Do we cultivate judgments? Do we cultivate love or sadness?   God will not be mocked, … More Cultivating Kindness?