Leaving behind the Nicolaitans

In spiritual communities ones choice is generally between small, deep and healthy or big, shallow and compromising .   How leaders maintain unity  without real intimacy or a sincere ability to rest into the required interdependence of true community is the challenge.  Walking in real community requires trust in the Spirit to actually be leading others, even when we do not understand their ways.


It’ s the perfect church for all to see, the only thing is it’s not very free.

It’s run with precision and sincere  care; just not grace; you best keep a simile on your face!

The pastors are solid, content, satisfied; It’s the laity that are looking to hide.

The first or second class seats are easy to find; the seminary is your ticket to ride; or please quietly step aside.  Things must be done by the qualified. 

Sadly this is not God’s best and every one is put to the test! Do you trust and wait or compromise? Can you submit to the stranger by your side? *

Relationships can not abide when control or compromise are your guide. 

The Spirit of Truth can not reside where freedom is not our guide. Liberty and grace in truth must be in  our stride;  we all must trust for unity to abide.

May the “communion of saints” be our guide.


* Ephesians  5:21



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