To know my rest


To know my rest is a blessed thing,

Known only by the humblest of kings.

For in my rest you are laid low,

Your life upon my alter you sow.


So place yourself within my care,

Your worries all; your fears laid bare,

I then will see your heart as true,

And all my blessings will flow through you.


For it’s repentance and rest, I desire of you.


Turn to me, my heart to see

Lay down your life before me

And in that place you’ll share with me;

My heart of love for all to see.


Within my keeping your life is held

Both here and now; together we dwell.


Doubt not my desire to lift you high

But humbly submit for my will grows nigh.


Upon the cross lay your doubts and fears; desires so dear

Crucified for me, that I might hear

Your humble cry for me to draw nigh.


Remember this, my special one

That through his Sacrifice you gained my son.

And in your heart, precious and true

He waits upon the throne for you.


Not far, not distant; not even near

But one and the same; complete and here;

Now, not later; nor when a work is done,

Here and now the victories won.


Here and now within your breast

My Son, he waits to give you rest.

Lay down your burdens; your anguishes all

And pick up my cross and with it stand tall.

High and mighty upon a hill,

The mountain of your life I am building still.


So let me now build up and more,

Hinder me not from my work as before.

If you doubt not what you are, my creation supreme

My glories and presence in you shall be seen.


I made you fresh, and honest and true

I made you righteous and beautiful, too.

I made you strong, valiant and brave,

I made you capable; for within you, I gave a heart for me; a place to abide

And within you I dwell, as you lay down your pride.


Forge no longer your will; but within me reside

Then all that I’ve made you will be, for I am by your side.


This word I give you this day that you might know

Sufficient you are though doubts you do sow.


So stop it my friend; let your pride be laid low.


Sufficiency comes not from within It’s a gift that I give,

and to you it’s been given. 


In your fears and your doubts; insecurities all.

A piece of pride, sown right at the fall.


It’s subtle and small but look and see

That to lack trust in yourself

Is how you doubt me.

For I have made you trustworthy!


©3.1.90 wmp

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