The circle game.

cirlce game 2
Circle images by Andy Goldsworthy

The Circle Game



Running on our own, making our own way, being right not seeing what’s real.


We; defining our own truth, defining our own god, defining our own self.

It’s endless, it’s meaningless, it’s a self centered fabrication; an illusion.


It’s the circle game.


Circling about our desires, circling  about our-selves,

Circling our ideas, circling our needs, our will, our way, our truth,

Centering on our-selves.


It’s the circle game.


We fabricate our own realities,

We fabricate our own worlds ,running around in our minds, serving our paradigms;

Running in our own little circles like rats on a maze, the wheel of our times.



Pure truth,

Absolute truth;

Reality waits,

Outside of our circle game.


Self serving circles

Lead to the same ends,

Ourselves lost in ourselves,

Running, defending,

Determining our own way.

Denying anything that get’s in the way,

It’s the circle game.


cirlce game 2

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