Our life is a war

Image result for civil war battleground scene


Our life is a war,

Our mind the battlefield,

Our thoughts the weapons,

Our decisions the out-come,


Life or death?

Choose life!


Say’s I.


“See, I have set before you today

life and good,

death and evil… 

The blessing and the curse.


Therefore choose life,

So that you and your descendants may live…,

For He is your life.”*


Say’s Moses.



“Ill baptize you with fire so you can sin no more,

I’ll establish my rule through Civil War”.


Sings Bob Dylan**,


“So it is, and so it shall be,

for so it has been,

time out of mind.”


Say’s Edna St. Vincent Milley.***


Image result for civil war battleground scene

(*Deuteronomy 30:15-20 (TLV))

(**From “Bye and Bye” on -Love & Theft by Bob Dylan 2002)

(**From Dirge without music by Edna St. Vincent Milley)

Copy-write & Published 4.12.2019: Added Dylan quote & re-published 5.26.2023

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