Becoming True

Becoming True,   Is it up to me or up to you?   Am I what you think, what they think, or what I think? Am I my true self or a fiction of my, or their, imagination? What am I really and who decides what is true? It’s about you, not me!   He … More Becoming True


Pained by the loss, Pained by the suffering, Pained by the brokenness, Pained?   How long, how much more can we take?   Sweet release come to me, fill me with your mercy. Be in me what I can not, fill me with forgiveness. Spirit of Truth come to me fill me with what I … More Pained

Being Alive

Being again, at last. Being in true life – Thy will be done. That is life, true life, being in the flow, being in Your time! That flow of life that is peace, presence and purpose.  You give what is outside of me, outside of us, outside of this broken world system.  It is Your … More Being Alive


Musing on becoming real; It truly is my greatest struggle, how about you?  Much like the chick emerging from the egg, we die if we get too much help from the outside! These are my current understandings and a prayer, as I struggle to become all I was created to be… Becoming my true self; am I being … More Becoming

Jurisdictional Authority

Musing on the jurisdictional nature of authority in the Kingdom of Yehovah. Introduction; It has been my experience that most issues of division between men come when one does not respect another’s boundaries or realm of authority; therefore offending another’s dignity. The proverbs (Israel’s book of ancient wisdom) entreat us to “not move the ancient … More Jurisdictional Authority

Setting the Course

  Setting the course heading up north, Forgetting not what’s been, wondering what will be, yet trusting, trusting, only in thee. I need not understand, simply trusting in thee;  you are my compass. We flounder and fall and sometimes we crawl but it’s the motion that counts; curling in upon on self is death. Death … More Setting the Course