Monument Building

  We are all building monuments, . We build monuments to our successes, monuments to our pain. We build monuments to our offenses and monuments to our gain. . We build them with stones or stories, rocks from along our way, Our thoughts polish and cut them, our words place them, Putting them  where they … More Monument Building

The artist is?

How do we see the true artist? “I saw him with his white rapt face, looking out like a prophet of the living God, sent to  speak out of the heart of the mystery of truth. I saw him as he sat staring at the paper before him, scratching all over as with the fury … More The artist is?

A Prayer For Now

A prayer for Now Lead me Lord*, Now While there’s yet life and presence, Before the diminishing that is yesterday. Lead me not in the fantasy that is tomorrow, Lead me while it is yet today. Show forth your purpose and your will, Your presence and Spirit in me, through me now! Lead me Lord … More A Prayer For Now

Dappled Light

  Dappled light with the razor’s edge of cutting shadows, Dawn has gone now; morning yet wanes.   Place within my skull a new thought; a new appreciation of your work, Your hand in my life and my time.   Rip away the fog and dismay that are my thoughts, My actions and plans are … More Dappled Light


Flayed before the throne of God, My heart, My soul, This emerging, this growth, this transformation It is hard, but good. Flayed before the throne of God, Gratefully; Truth manifest as the flesh quivers before His power, I am undone, yet he is released. It is good with my soul, It is good.   william mark … More Flayed