Becoming True

clearing fog copy

I wrestled again last night with that imposing pressure.

That force that tries to imprint on my heart – my insufficiency, my inadequacy, my need!

At dawn I saw that it was my effort to ward off that sense, my defenses and self projections, call them what you will- They are the REAL problem.

I ,  you, we, where all created to be what we are. You and I are fine- as we are. We are all growing! Some grow bitter, some grow better, it is our choice alone!

What we lack Yehovah  (God) can and will provide, general through those about us. We need one another because others have what we lack.

We where made incomplete in ourselves,  because no one but God is complete in himself.  Yet he chooses to express himself through us and others about us. We are interdependent beings- we who believe true life is found through truth in grace!.

Yet we have our being in HIM- He alone he is our wholeness and sufficiency:

That is the mystery of Godliness- the truth of Righteousness.

Thank you for your part in fulfilling my lack, you are at times strong where I am weak.

You are able where I sometimes am not.

You at times call me to step up to my higher self- my TRUE self!

It is together we are made whole, not alone.

It is ok to be just as we are now, for that is reality;

That is becoming true. That is life in HIS grace!

So be it AMEN!

william mark parry © 6.21.2018;edits 8.12.18;2.22.2023

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