Cultivating Kindness?

Are you tending the garden of your heart?   We tend our hearts with choices,  Choices of focus, Choices of inclinations,  Choices…   We cultivate the garden of our heart.   Do we cultivate resentments? Do we cultivate kindness? Do we cultivate judgments? Do we cultivate love or sadness?   God will not be mocked, … More Cultivating Kindness?

Now it is…

  Now it is April Fools Day. I have been a fool, up until now! A fool chasing the dreams of others, my dreams, others dreams about me, Others dreams about the world and how it is, or how it should be, I chasing; dreams rather than being in reality as it is. I have … More Now it is…

Circling two

. Circling oneself, Seeking fulfillment on ones own terms. Circling, circling, circling; seeking; . Wait. .  Turn to me and you will see differently; says He! He,who is the beginning and the end. The creator speaks to those who circle supreme truth.  . Circling but not accepting? He is truth! He is the center, Not … More Circling two

Seasons of Change

There is a storm on the horizon, Blowing through the land, Still the Son is rising, glory is at hand. Restoration or renewal, suffering, loss or shame, Through our minds blow the winds of change. Our decisions give them  name.  Ω May you find grace and truth leading you, through your seasons of change into … More Seasons of Change

Dancing to a different tune- A Christmas Carol

Dancing to a different tune, Howling at the stars and moon, Glory spilling from finger tips; Maker meeting his creation.   Dancing to a different tune, Messiah comes to a virgins womb,* Spirits children born a new; Dancing to a different tune.   Dancing to a different tune, The music maker,singer,one; Comes to be a … More Dancing to a different tune- A Christmas Carol