Be Justice

  “Be Justice” said He, as the Sabbath sun set. *   The last glorious auburn rusty red, turning gray in the westernmost clouds. “Ill bring justice where you can not”.** Me; knowing its is His to keep, my efforts likely vain, insensitive or sacrilegious.   For He knows hearts.*   I; seeing through dim … More Be Justice

Being Disillusioned ?

Being disillusioned? . Being dis-illusioned is good! Who wants to live in an illusion; A lie fabricated by ones mind, Or someone else’s opinion, Or ones fears? . A life in illusion is not life, Illusion is a lie fabricated in our minds, Founded on fantasy, serving our pride. . Who determines what is real … More Being Disillusioned ?

An Architecture for life #2

We build a theology about who God is and what is True with our choices and decisions. We create our own philosophy  about what is real and how things really work as well.

Choose carefully for in your choices you define your life! You are building a house in which you experience reality or illusion. Your house is your safety or your prison; these choices are the building blocks. … More An Architecture for life #2