Up until now.

Up Until Now… Up until now I allowed a disconnect between my heart and my head. Up until now I could feel the big ball of emotions; my reactions to others pulsating just outside of my gut. Some feelings I could discern others would flood me there were many and so strong, I could not … More Up until now.

Trouble Forms Us.

Trouble Forms Us   Something’s formed in trouble, Something found no other place. Realizations, revelations, Change comes outside the easy space.   Comforts, safety, security are often sought, Too often for our own good. The good of trouble is seldom understood.   We lose ourselves in our comforts, Finding mostly idols there. We are numbed … More Trouble Forms Us.

Rock in the road

  Up until now, there was  a rock in the road of my life, A rock causing turbulence in the stream of my energies, One common to all,  Expectations!   Expectations can clog the flow, They can muddy the waters of our hearts.   Are they not formulated by our thinking and then inform our … More Rock in the road