The Lord of Delight

 your life

“Delight yourself in me” say’s He,

“and all that you desire shall be”!

“I give you the desires of your heart.

They are from me”.

“I am the Lord of delight.

Delight in me and it will be”.

He came to restore delight,

Delight in the rain,

Delight to be lame,

Freedom from shame!


His is the Light, He is what’s right,

He is dominion,  He is the might.

He is dignity,

He is the Lord of light, he is the Lord of delight,

He came to restore delight in all that is.

All is his and he delights to make it yours,

He is the lord of delight.

Psalm 37:3-5

Deuteronomy 30:8-10;

Numbers 14:7-9

Matthew 6:32-34


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