Keepers of the Word


Keepers of the Word,

The oracles of the living God:

The breath of life.

Forsaken but not forgotten,

Far faithless Israel you wander, far and wide,

Trading the one true God for worthless idols made of your mind, wood or stone.

You wander far and wide and yet you return, for faithful is He your keeper to remember.

He remembers the covenants, though you so quickly forget.He remembers to guide and to speak,

To speak:

The Word,

The Way,

The Truth,

The Life!


Faithful Israel;

Blessed are you among all nations!

Keepers of the Covenants,

Keepers of the Torah,

The commandments,

The feasts of the Lord,

Keepers of the teachings; the way of the Messiah!


Far you may wander, but never to far!

For he remembers you are his, the apple of his eye.

You will return to you keeper, if you wander,

For it is written in the word you keep.

Keepers of the Word, the oracles of the living God; Israel.

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