“Time” was written in Venice, Italy the summer of 1985.  Young, in love with life, and studying architecture abroad; I struggled much.  Written before I understood that time is now or it is not at all.  Because of these words I came to know that now is the only time we have…



In the past I spent my time in the past,

I spent my time in the future,

I did not spend my time in the time;

Now it’s time

I was told, “when you’re young you have time but no money,”

and “when you’re old you have money but not time,”

I heard, “you can spend your time making money,

or you can spend your money making time.”

I think it’s time to spend your time in the time!

It’s not time for doubts,

It’s not time for regrets,

It’s not time for fear

It’s time to be all you were meant to be.

It’s time to just be.

It’s time,

It’s time,

It’s finely time!


wm. mark parry ©1985

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