Eternity Waits; two

Sunrise at Tiberius, Sea of Galilee


Eternity waits.


It waits longingly for those trapped in time,


Eternity waits.


It waits for all troubled souls,

The broken-hearted,

The wanderer’s longing for a home,


Eternity waits.


It waits for the faithful,

Waits for the hopeful,

Waits for the lonely,


Eternity waits.


It waits for us who have seen its distant shores amidst the troubled seas of life,

Eternity waits for those who consider it their home.

Eternity waits with those who have gone before knowing it as home.

We go to them, they can not come to us.


Eternity awaits.


Eternity comes for us when our time is up.

Eternity anticipates our arrival.

Eternity awaits those who wait for it.




Eternity waits (Two) 1 Corin. 13-Lived -For Jerry Hoffmann (1956-2017 ) and Barbara Hoffmann  3/6/2017.

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