My Tomb, Your Life

israel card2 307
Altar of cut stone. Beersheba, Israel


My Tomb

Oh God break forth once and for all.

Break forth from the tomb of my doubt,

Break forth from the tomb of my apprehension,

The tomb of my comforts that are the cancers of my self-serving soul.


Break me forth into true life!


Your life glorified, in my mortal flesh,

Your life magnified in my soul’s lamp,

Your life clarified in the lens of my purified heart.

My heart given to you, redeemed by you and for you,

Redeemed through my trust in your life to hold the corpse of my own wasted self.

Redeemed that you might live through my life;


You’re Life.


your life

Be glorified,

Be magnified,

Be majestic, powerful.

Be the over-comer of all that is small,

And mean, and untoward;

Be yourself.

Be yourself in and through me;


A vessel.


I am for you, I am through you, I am because of you,


I am yours, and I thank you.


Thank you for taking my broken, shattered life,

My rejected, crushed and neglected self for yourself.

Thank you for being my father, mother and my God.

Thank you for being my friend, provider, over-comer and companion.


Thank you for being distinctively yourself while yet inhabiting myself.

And thank you for releasing myself to be itself,

Myself; yet filled; inspire by; created in and through yourself.

Such knowledge is too wonderful for me and beyond my comprehension.

Yet it is so.


© wmp 7.30.2015

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