The artist is?


How do we see the true artist?

“I saw him with his white rapt face, looking out like a prophet of the living God, sent to  speak out of the heart of the mystery of truth. I saw him as he sat staring at the paper before him, scratching all over as with the fury of a holy anger at his own impotence. I saw him as he communed with the heavenliest harmonies…creation is God’s self-wrought freedom” (George McDonald 1824-1905)

Does the artist create or is the artist the creation?

Yahweh said,  ” You are my art. If the world does not receive or appreciate you it is nothing to me, why should it bother you?  Is not my opinion more important to you then that of the world. Who are you actually living your life for? You say it is for me; but is it truly so if you pander after the worlds goods, purposes and opinions? Choose this day whom you will serve.”  (Rhama & Joshua 24:14-16)

I said. “As for me and my household we will serve the Lord. As for me and my household we will serve you”. “I would rather serve you and forsake all that the world has to offer then miss a moment in your presence for:

You alone are life,

You alone are peace,

You alone are reality,

You alone are truth,

You are true creativity.

All that is , is your art and we can but marvel.

To believe otherwise is a deception and to not know this is denial.”


I said to him “I am yours; use me where you will; I am yours”.


He said “Behold the goodness and the severity of the Lord”

( Romans 11:21-23)

I have known both the goodness and severity of the Lord.

I have seen His gentle mercies that are new every day.

Yet I have misinterpreted his fatherly compassion and correction as anger

or judgment rather than loving, compassionate care.


I have forsaken his way and camped in the wilderness,

Slipping into the cesspool of self serving, self-satisfying;  indulgences.

I have resisted, reacted or rebelled from his firm hand of guidance.

Yet I know his hand to guide is stronger than my ability to resist.


His love is as severe as his goodness, kindness and patience are unrelenting.

This  knowledge gives me a great peace and now an assurance of His love and goodness,


I have grown from believing In him to simply trusting Him.


His kindness and his provision is everlasting, stronger than the hills,

deeper that the oceans, more glorious than every living thing is He.

Greater than the galaxies is He; for they are but a fragment of His imagination.


It is he that say’s of me “you are my art”.

“If the world does not receive or appreciate you it is nothing to me, why should it bother you?”

Who am I to question Him?

(Job: 38)



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