Life is lived best from the inside out!

2014-12-27 16.18.38

Living from the center out, not the outside in; this is the call,

A call to life.

We start in needing to receive.

Receiving love, nurturing, care,

We move into knowing.

To know and preserve our person-hood,  our humanity, our identity, we grow into knowing ourselves.

We become in nurturing, nurturing our own souls to grow and understand.

In understanding and knowing ourselves, we grow into nurturing others.

In nurturing others we become the best we can be.


We Become our best in nurturing, nurturing others to understand.

Understanding comes best in knowing we Are, only by choice and providence.

When we truly know who we are and who makes us Be, we understand;

Life is lived best from the inside out.


May it be so for you and we.



(revised 180113;190429)

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