Giving up the Reins

.                                                          23C Tree of life 2bit copy (2)


Giving up the reins,

That his glory might reign.

Let your glory reign, rain on me, rain on me!

May your glory be


We the free born choose. We choose who yanks our chains, who pulls on our reins.

We choose who we serve, yes we choose. Yes we choose.

That’s the way it is, the way it’ has been, the way it will be,

Time out of mind.

Time out of mind.

Like it or not we choose who rules our mind and heart.

Today I chose to give up the reins.

I chose to let love, to let grace in truth; rule.

May true life reign.

Reign in me,

Reign through me.

May glory rain on me, who chooses to let you reign,

I give up the reins.


.                                                         23C Tree of life 2bit copy (2)


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