Centering one.

circeling 2



Centering ones heart.

In centering ones life,

Alignments are necessary.

Aliments with grace, truth and beauty are necessary,

Necessary for fulfillment and satisfaction. 

Necessary for a satisfied heart, and a contented mind.

How to center ones heart, that is the question.

How do you keep on center?

What is at the center of your heart?

There are gravitational forces tugging  upon our hearts.

They confuse us,  pull us off center, force us off course.  

They are what create the chaos and distresses in our lives.


Do you recognize the forces pulling on your heart?

Do you know what aligns your heart with true north? 


This that your heart might remain on center!

These are the questions of your life, these are the questions,

determining your destiny! These create the reality of  how you are actually being.

Not how you think you are being…

Do you know the forces pulling on your heart?

Become Centered it is  simply wonderful,

and entirely satisfying

circeling 2

Circle Images by Andy Goldsworthy.



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