Is your boat sinking? Do you need to learn to walk on water?

Jesus showed his disciples how to walk on water. Peter nearly drowned his first try. Are you needing to walk on water?  Warren Hayes a Pastor and Chaplin to Sonoma County’s Sheriff’s deputies, and Peace Officers said a few weeks back “There is no boat left”.

These are strange and mysterious times.  Thomas Paine said in very, very similar times-“These are the times that try men’s soul’s”.

I have been mediating on stepping out of the boat; living effectively on the tumultuous waters we are sharing; walking on the water. We seem to be loosing daily another familiar boat we trusted to keep us afloat on these seas of life.

Two video clips really clarified the nature of this for me.  In watching these clips and meditating about this for some time I received what I consider Rhema.  A living word, something enlightened by the spirit of Yehovah.  It also aligned with scripture so I believe it’s reliable. 

 I have come to see that the Boat  in these two video clips represents our own understandings. What we understand about ourselves; God; or how he works in the world; how we are to be in him, and how others are to be with Him, or behave toward us. 

We need to step out of the boat these days, step out of our own understanding into the world as it really is.  We need to walk in the world as God created it to be, rather than as we understand it because he says in his holy scriptures:

 Trust in the Lord with all your heart
 and lean not on your own understanding;
 in all your ways submit to him,
    and he will make your paths straight.[a]

“. Proverbs 3:5-6

The first clip is one Rob Bell’s  production Numma titled Dust:

The second from the film the Shack; If you did not read the book” The Shack” or see the film, the man in the boat’s daughter was kidnapped and murdered a few years before this moment in the film.  He has been suffering from severe guilt and shame over his behaviors. He was unable to save her. He receives a mysterious invitation to come to “the Shack” where she died to meet God. God wants to heal this man’s broken heart and shipwrecked faith.   Jesus appears in a transformational encounter, this one of these moments where Jesus shows up to help him out of the boat and teach him to walk on water.


May we step out of our boats, no longer really on our own understanding- but rather look for and acknowledged that He has a way we may not yet understand.

May we choose to walk with him into our future, finding straight paths, paths into the promised land of rest; walking into the “The Realms of Wonder” on paths that lead us back to the garden of delight…



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