Rest in Me

“Rest in me,” He said after a night of seeking Him. I had gone camping to find His counsel, to seek His face. It was in the morning after struggling with my emotions and reactions to a particular situation that He spoke; At Bodega Head. He lead me to look into the churning seas below, … More Rest in Me

Be Justice

  “Be Justice” said He, as the Sabbath sun set. *   The last glorious auburn rusty red, turning gray in the westernmost clouds. “Ill bring justice where you can not”.** Me; knowing its is His to keep, my efforts likely vain, insensitive or sacrilegious.   For He knows hearts.*   I; seeing through dim … More Be Justice


  I was asleep; I awoke. In my waking I realized, His person was in my person, I awoke and realized the Messiah and I are one.   I was asleep and awoke with his person in my person, And I realized it is true, we are one, we are. He is that he is, … More Awake