Rest in Me


“Rest in me,” He said after a night of seeking Him.

I had gone camping to find His counsel, to seek His face.

It was in the morning after struggling with my emotions and reactions

to a particular situation that He spoke; At Bodega Head.

He lead me to look into the churning seas below, seeing them as the troubled waters

of my soul, He said…


“Rest is me, as the waves rest upon the rocks.

They become what they are by forces beyond themselves,

They are no less part of the sea;

It is enough that they do their part.”

Post Script: 2.16.2023

Having mused on the ramifications of this down-load for numbers of years I now see our emotions not as something to

be controlled nor reacted too, but simply to discern them and let them inform us. The more distance we can create from them

the less they will directly impact our behaviors or others and become more effective to inform rather than control us.

They are not necessarily to inspire our decisions but rather to enlighten us on the effectiveness of them. When we make better

decisions about out time, focus and priorities, our emotions will respond positively. In the mean time we trust Yah regarding what

our emotions our teaching us. Life is a pass only test. It is training. When we fail in a situation we get to run through it again until

we pass! See also this post for more on how not to decide emotionally…

1st publishing 1.6.2017 Re:post 2.16.2023

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