Rehma from Sinai 1: God is the architect & contractor of your life.

A revelation or Rhema: “Torah is life” faithful Jews say. Christians say “Jesus is the word”. “I am the way, the truth and the Life”; Say’s Jesus. I believe Jesus is the Messiah, in Hebrew his name is Yeshua = Salvation is in Yah. Yeshua is the word. The word is Torah. Torah is life. … More Rehma from Sinai 1: God is the architect & contractor of your life.

An Architecture for life #2

We build a theology about who God is and what is True with our choices and decisions. We create our own philosophy  about what is real and how things really work as well.

Choose carefully for in your choices you define your life! You are building a house in which you experience reality or illusion. Your house is your safety or your prison; these choices are the building blocks. … More An Architecture for life #2

Up until now.

Up Until Now… Up until now I allowed a disconnect between my heart and my head. Up until now I could feel the big ball of emotions; my reactions to others pulsating just outside of my gut. Some feelings I could discern others would flood me there were many and so strong, I could not … More Up until now.

Being Alive

Being again, at last. Being in true life – Thy will be done. That is life, true life, being in the flow, being in Your time! That flow of life that is peace, presence and purpose.  You give what is outside of me, outside of us, outside of this broken world system.  It is Your … More Being Alive