Rehma from Sinai 1: God is the architect & contractor of your life.

A revelation or Rhema:

“Torah is life” faithful Jews say. Christians say “Jesus is the word”. “I am the way, the truth and the Life”; Say’s Jesus. I believe Jesus is the Messiah, in Hebrew his name is Yeshua = Salvation is in Yah. Yeshua is the word. The word is Torah. Torah is life. Our life is hidden in Torah, salvation is in Torah=Jesus. Our obedience to Torah sets the foundation stones of our life. Where we choose obedience to Torah (all of it’s=613 commandments that are applicable to us individually) we have a sure foundation. One Yehovah-God can and will build upon. Where we do not act in Torah, when we step out independently, in our own understanding, our own way, we build on sand. *

Where we do not step, act, live or move according to Torah (the teachings=the way=the word =life); we have shifting sand, crumbling clay, dust and ashes = TROUBLE!.*

I have lived long, and it has been mostly hard. Hard with moments of joy; times of happiness, praise and glorying in- The Presence. Those are the good times.

But I have, up until now, not realized that as I lived and moved in Torah=the word; I was building a platform that God could build on. I thought, up until now, that my life was built on my actions. If I did right it went well, if I did wrong, it went not so well. My life was more or less simply the summation of all events- of reaping what I sowed. While this is true, as it is in the word, it is insufficient.

(I see the new Testament as Rabbinical Commentary on the application of Torah through the revelation of the Spirit . The holy spirit released into the life of those who received the work of the cross of Christ. Torah=the word= Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection released the Spirit to ALL believers in Messiah/Christ)) Yet it still remains-“God will not be mocked, we will reap what we sow”*. However it is much deeper than that.

Since I surrendered my life to Yahh. He has taken it. While I have failed at times to build well, I have generally, often specifically rendered my decisions, actions and even failings in prayer. My sins = dysfunctions where covered in payers sent to Yehovah. These prayers I now see redeemed my good and bad steps, my building blocks. These prayers (and the promised answers to those faithful prayers) set them positively in the foundation of my life. Prayers put mortar about them. While I might not have seen (up until now), my failures as building blocks in the foundation of my life God did! He is building my life. He is the Architect and the Contractor. I am placing the blocks at his direction and prompting. I am a workman, not the architect or contractor. He is God, I am not. His power to create is greater than my ability to ruin. His is the power and the glory, it is not mine. That can be either humiliating or exhilarating, you choose! Being humbled is a good thing.

I see now, far more clearly, I simply need to trust Him! My relationships, my actions and experiences- all our relationships, actions and experiences, are available for His work of building our lives.

As we think and act on our thoughts, and more importantly learn to discern his thoughts from our own (for we have access to the mind of Christ**); our way’s are right, our ways are His will and plan. The simplest way to be sure our way’s are right, just or proper; that our way’s are pleasing to him; that they are in “His will” is through Torah. Torah is his way. It is his life, and he receives the glory. For as St. Ienaius said:

“The Glory of God is man fully alive”.

* Scriptural References for consideration: James 2:10; Romans 3:31;Mathew 5:18,19;Mark 12:28-31; Romans 8:24; 1 John 2:1-4; Mathew 19:17; John 14:15,21;15:10; 1 Corinthians 7:19;John 2:3-4;3:22-24;5:2-3;Revelation 14:12 Deuteronomy 30:1-3

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