Walking along the creators way!

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The introduction to my story(password jahh) begins;

“Such is my story, a walk of faith along the road of life, fenced by prayer and the word of God.”

The center-line to my road of my life is honest accountable relationships; with God and men. I have formed a structured relationship with a man 10 years my junior, to pace with along the road of our lives for a season.

We are choosing for this season to share our intentions, our purposed way about being in life. It is a very powerful and helpful relationship to form. I have known him since his youth, his father and I have shared business dealings and the same spiritual path for many years.

Recently we discussed that much of my spiritual and professional growth has been because my life (metaphorically) sits on a three legged stool.  An equilateral triangle is the strongest of structural forms.

I sit my life upon;

1. A carefully crafted routine,
2. Thoughtful & consistent strategic planning,
3. Sensitive obedience to the word & spirit of God

These are the legs of my stool, my life sits securely upon them. As I grow they reflect the changes.

I shared in an “accountability report” this morning; ” last week I transitioned deeper into my current routine, naturally not perfectly but I was doing what I set out to be doing when I intended to be doing it…mostly.  This week I want more of my routine and agenda actuated – successfully, consistently”.

I have been developing and fine tuning my routine for decades. The Strategic plan unfolding in coordination with a hoped for sensitive balance to pre-defined objectives aligned with the way’s and acted on in the Spirit of God.

Previously, for the last few seasons my direction was somewhat un-clear. I was down loading false assumptions, missed understands and bad programming or wrong ideas about life and my purposes and intentions in it.

That season has passed away, I have a higher degree of focus.

The Sonoma county firestorm and transitions in my understanding of my purpose and way into my real life has brought significant clarity. I am leaving more of my false life behind.

I do not now doubt at all my current purpose and clearly prioritized direction . That brings real freedom and more time for effective action as I am free from much I once felt responsible for.  I no longer feel it is my duty to go about fixing the world or others about me, but rather simply making my way through it; graciously, kindly carefully and effectively.

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” Say’s Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is a lot of truth in this. I have noted that as I have clearly purposed to move and be and do with the spirit a supernatural alignment has come about.

I agree with what Van Morrison sings;

“If you live the life you love you get the blessings from above”.

Jesus himself said;

 “I came that you might have life and that to the full”.

Over dinner last night I discussed with my friend and allie  my conclusions regarding the differences between the general Christian’s Philosophy of life ( A-Greek rooted structure of thinking – not its theological beliefs )) and the Hebraic Philosophy of life.

Philosophically Christianity is largely about being right and behaving properly, while the true Hebraic way of life is about becoming a real human-being who is fully alive.

If God is real, then we are really able to walk with him. When our understanding, thinking and motivations are in alignment with His, we will see, I believe, synergy with all things he has created. ” The universe conspires…” with us.

I have been experiencing a synergy happening more each week of my life over the last 7 years or so. Every Shabatt I feel I have grown in some measure of grace and truth. Life is becoming more and more wonderful and truly magical!

I’m going with the flow of the river of life, not trying to determine it while yet keeping the river banks clear of debris and obstructions. I am seeing disruptions in that flow not as disasters but organic adjustments to bring about a more beautiful balance than I could conceive on my own.

Things change, perhaps as message, a correction, not a judgment or problem; perhaps simply divine support or better yet divine intervention?

I do not know for sure but I sure like living in the realms of wonder . 

Here all things seem to line up and happen as they should. If I choose to believe that to be true. It’s when I doubt these things the water of my heart get’s murky, dark or very troublesome.

How well are you positioned for the weeks ahead?

How are you working your game or your routine?

Are you walking in the realms of wonder?

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