Vanity Fair



Vanity Fair, its temptations everywhere,

Or majestic glory in holiest truth;

Living in realms of wonder.


These mutually exclusive kingdoms catch our hearts in between.


Vanity Fair, serving our self-made airs,

or seeking the face of grace in truth;

It’s the choice we’ve made from  youth.


The realms of God,

The kingdoms of this world,

We are caught in-between.


Mutually exclusive;

Simultaneously coexisting;

Kingdoms in conflict.


We can be in but one.

Or we are torn in two.

It’s up to you to choose!


Grace in truth is our bridge across.

Yet we choose what passes through;

It’s up to you,

It’s up to you.


© William Mark Parry 6.2.2012

Edits, 6/7,6/9,8/6/15,11/29/15


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