Waiting beside the door to the future.

9-24-10 315

Looking for a better life, trusting in the God of lights.

Ready for a better way, It’s time today.

The old things have passed away, ready for a new way; at last it’s today.


We to often sit and hide in fear rather than advance into what’s clear.

To doubt and hesitate is to sit beside the prison gate, don’t sit  until it’s too late!.


I am not what I do nor with whom I do it;  I am defined more by why  I am about it.

Our self-serving schemes obscure our dreams and hinder the grasp of reality. We see what we want or want what we see,  missing what’s real amidst the fog of need or greed.

To feel and be truly present with our companions along the way is what makes me real today!


My plans have brought me here too this place that’s so near and yet so far from satisfying.

But what is the answer in finding my way oh my God and master?

“Contentment, in the path revealed as you follow me into your dreams should be your Ideal.”


I stand beside the doors, of past and future opportunities.  I can not truly see what’s behind or before yet  I trust and wait beside the door!.

All I know is that I go not alone, and he who has led me this far will lead me further still.

“Trust in me to lead that is your need”!.


To trust in you to lead that is my need and greatest hope to succeed!

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