Setting the Course


Setting the course heading up north,

Forgetting not what’s been, wondering what will be, yet trusting, trusting, only in thee.

I need not understand, simply trusting in thee;  you are my compass.

We flounder and fall and sometimes we crawl but it’s the motion that counts; curling in upon on self is death.

Death of desire, death of dreams comes when we stop and no longer see purpose, meaning or  inspiration. We must at least see the why’s and how’s of our way on our path upon this wretched and wonderful earth.

There are so many reasons in the seasons of our lives, in our walk in time and space.  What is it that gives us the grace to endure the unknown?  It’s knowing, I think the why’s and how’s more then the where’s that will help us to continue to care.

Setting the compass along the way, to know where it is that we aim to go, we must know together or we pull apart.

Setting the compass of the heart and sharing that direction from the start is the key to be in unity…

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