Clean up time!

cleanup time.


It’s clean up time! Came to me one morning in 1986; I wrote it down in my journal, in early January of 2016 I found it again, added the image taken at a Christmas display from an open house toured that Christmas Eve in Novato California. Posted now for all to read, the word seemed fresh and timely for the new year of 2016 perhaps it’s for you?.


It’s clean up time!

He said it awhile ago, it’s clean up time.

He meant it he knew it was so.

It’s clean up time!.


Clean out your house,

Clean out your car,

Clean out your heart;

For the end is not far.


It’s clean up time!.


The world is spinning faster,

People come and go.

The world is spinning faster,

He’ll never let it go.


Your life is in his hands.

The battles all are won.

It’s clean up time,

The binding has begun.


Cast out the sin of ages,

Cast out the fear of hate,

Cast out the thoughts of destruction,

It’s really not too late.


For fear and hate and destruction

are not the tools of good.


Pick up the shield and amour,

Pick up the sward and flame.


Cast out the sin of ages,

Cast of the fear of hate.


It’s clean up time,

It’s really not too late!



wmp. 3.23.86 copyright 01/03/2016


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