Words on Contentment and Satisfaction.

THUNDERHEADSRhama, are to me inspired words or words enlightened by the Spirit of the living God. Jesus said; ” I know my sheep and me sheep know me, and my sheep hear my voice”. I believe that’s still as true today as it was when it was first spoken on the earth by the master of the word.

Not all things we hear are unpolluted, clear or clean. Discernment is critical for we hear through our oft infected, broken, bruised or disturbed hearts. So I frequently pray “create in me a clean heart oh Lord”! But these words I think might apply to more than myself so I share them with a little fear and trepidation for not all graciously accept words of light and truth.

From a Journal Entry 11/15/2013


Words on contentment, satisfaction and striving to enter into His Rest.

“Strive only to enter into my rest” is the clarion call of The Kingdom.

“Finding satisfaction in the worlds comforts, pleasures and utilizing the patterns of this fallen world’s systems denies my will, way and purposes” says the Lord.

“Have I not informed you through my prophets that my ways are not your ways nor my thoughts your thoughts. Has my word or my mind changed?”

“You do well to press into me, you do well to engage with my spirit, you do well to guard yourself from the intrusion of the lust of the eye,the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life.”

” Here me my son; you do well in these things.”

“I have this one thing against you. You are not content in my life in you. You do not truly appreciate my presence and purpose manifest in you now; while it is yet today.  You do not see that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. I have made you most well. Be satisfied, be content in me. Be content in my life in your life; my life is your life, for I am; and we are one.”

“You lack no good thing. You lack nothing that you need when you need it. In my time, my will, my way; all is and will be revealed.  If it is truly my time, my life and my purposes that you seek and desire ; you will receive them and more.”

“But you see though a glass dimly. Your perceptions are limited by your longings.”

A response:

I am undone my Lord-please take my longings and make them yours that I might perceive in your grace and truth and not be blinded by my own earth bound perceptions and longings. So be it amen.

“My son you have a repent and humble heart . Your adversary despises it.  He pounds on you in and through the world in order to cause you to defend and react in your flesh. This does not affect your relationship with me but it hinders your way in the world.; This is his game.”

“Let no vanity, pride, self serving, self seeking words out of your lips and your house could not contain the magnitude of blessings heaped upon it. You could not build houses fast enough to contain the blessing I would pour forth.. You reap what you sow with your words and your ways”.

A response.

I am bereft and undone. I offer you the fruit of my lips master and friend let no untoward thing pass from my tongue. Be in me excellence and perfection of speech for left to my own devices I am but dust and  dung.



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