Crossing over the River Jabbok, returning to the land of promise – Jacob becomes Israel.

Yet Jacob wrestles, wrestles with himself, his expectations, his past, his fears; Jacob wrestles with his God.

Jacob wrestles as with his brother, with his sons, with his ways, with himself.

We all wrestle; in our wrestling we are refined.

Pure gold is refined at the hearth of God.  Gold is refined by fire.

The light of truth, it burns, burns away the dross and shame, burns away the loss and pain. Truth refines us.

The truth it burns. Yet it is for light that we yearn,

We are phototropic beings.

How much light can I stand? How much light do I desire? How much truth can I bare?

This and more we ask ourselves as we wrestle.  Wrestling with our desires and struggles within ourselves.

Some venture to consider, some venture to demand, some venture to acquire, some venture to desire.

But what will the answer in our wrestling be?  Our hearts are refined by fire, rendered unto thee.

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