Musing on becoming real; It truly is my greatest struggle, how about you?  Much like the chick emerging from the egg, we die if we get too much help from the outside! These are my current understandings and a prayer, as I struggle to become all I was created to be…

Becoming my true self; am I being true to all I hope to be?

Rising above all that hinders me?

Or am I coasting into the sea of mediocrity?

Its a choice totally up to me!

What a challenge; a trial, it is to be free!

Free from the obstructions that hinder; free from the doubts.

Striving only to enter into the rest that sets me free to become.

What a challenge to be free!

Now I am starting to see – It requires His life in me.

“Source of Life, be all you are; set me free to become all I can be.  I see it’s up to you within to set me free to simply be.”

Guarding my heart and soul from reacting,

responding from old patterning is the fight of my life,

my fight for true life!

My false self is created, formed by self  defense, self promotion, or self satisfaction. My true person is self-lessly motivated.  It is then alone I am being true.

Am I becoming my highest intention or stooping to the staid old ways?

Am I resisting the Devil or giving him sway?

Choosing to become, requires walking through the pain and disappointments of seeing what I am not; seeing that I battle true evil – selfishness; mainly within!

My adversary is wanting my agreement with his lies that I might compromise and be less than I desire, less than I hope, less than I was created for.

I am not now what I hope, but I can see it’s what I truly desire.

Lost in the dichotomy, of being what I am, while yet becoming what I should.

I long for reality, yet I mostly see what I am not; hoping to be all that is good within! 

What a trial it is to become free from all that hinders, what a revelation to see what hinders me is an evil me, sitting next to a glorious me!

I become what I choose to be!  Am I becoming free, or giving in to tyranny?

“Oh God, set me free to be the good that you are within the wretched me;  that I might become who you purposed me to be.”

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