Swimming Against the Tide?

Seal near Goat Rock swimming against the tide, curiously satisfied.

Swimming against the tide?  Standing on the other side of acceptability?

To oneself  be true, you alone can be you.  Do not act in order to compel the respect of persons you do not yourself respect.  Return to the center of things: “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you.” (Matthew 6:33)

Being true is often found outside of respectability.  When acceptability is Godless,  lawless, or false, it is not worthy of consideration.  Be true to one’s self.  God has created you purposefully, be true to your life- His glory to reveal.

“The glory of God is man fully alive”**

One can possess much and not actually exist. One’s true self is discovered in the quest for righteousness, integrity and truth.  Sincerely seeking is best, do not fail the test. We are lost in the things of the world and found in the reality of God.

A man can know everything and yet be nothing; another can possess nothing yet be present in everything.  It is in our being that we inhabit what is real, not in our possessing of things, be they knowledge, wealth or wisdom.  In being true, discover you.

Goat Rock with seagulls. 

“The love of things dulls the conscience.”*

Self seeking desires enslave one to the object of the quest.  God is found in selflessness. The hot, dry winds of the world do not disturb the soul sheltered in the heart and word of God.  “Give up yourself, and you will find your real self.  Lose your life and you will save it.”***

“Whatever we call religion will vanish when we see God face to face”*

Do not reason your faith away, thinking yourself to death.  Logic is nothing more than the smoke that rises from the burning of the truth.*  Truth is beyond reason and logic, as the sun is beyond the horizon, yet like a mighty fire it burns at dawn.

An obedient heart, who can find?  It runs against the grain of culture, cult and societies’ kind.  He who obeys Truth, shines.

The head of the Russian River at Goat Rock. Sonoma County CA. 2-19-2017
The Russian River flows into the Pacific Ocean, above Goat Rock beach, Sonoma County, California 2-19-2017.  Copyright William Mark Parry


.*With thanks to George MacDonald– “The Landlady’s Master”

** Saint Irenaeus

*** C.S. Lewis

2 thoughts on “Swimming Against the Tide?

  1. This is beautiful. I love the coast pictures. We vacationed near the Russian River last fall. Is this your home area? I saw your writing, Empty, on Today’s Word. Wonderful. Your work has blessed me this morning, I thank you for the nourishing fruit!

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