The pounding

Pained by the loss,

Pained by the suffering,

Pained by the brokenness,



How long, how much more can we take?


Sweet release come to me, fill me with your mercy.

Be in me what I can not, fill me with forgiveness.

Spirit of Truth come to me fill me with what I have not,

give me what I lack, for I am pained.


Pained by the loss, pained by the suffering pained by the brokenness about me,

I am helpless without you to effect a change; from  my brokenness I inflict pain.

Spirit of Grace be what I can not in this world pained by brokenness.


Fill my ineptness, loss and suffering with your completeness; end the suffering.

Spirit of Grace in Truth let me see what is real and not fear for you are near and the answer to my pain.

Spirit of Grace in Truth fill me with yourself that I might be part of the solution not inflicting more pain.

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