A Prayer For Now

Nazareth – Israel

A prayer for Now

Lead me Lord*, Now

While there’s yet life and presence,
Before the diminishing that is yesterday.
Lead me not in the fantasy that is tomorrow,
Lead me while it is yet today.

Show forth your purpose and your will,
Your presence and Spirit in me, through me now!
Lead me Lord while I yet have heart and breath and focus on what is truly real; You!

You are the answer to all my questions,
Your are the answer to all my needs,
You are the reason I truly believe.
You are real; now!

Be in and through me now!
Be all that I might be for in you alone I am able,
In you alone I live; in you alone I have breath and life,
In you alone I am real; in you I am becoming me, now it is time.

Lead me Lord, now!

You my Lord and God are the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end!
You are with everything that lies in between; it is of you or it is not real.
All that is, is through you alone; so be it.

Be my becoming,
Be my future,
Redeem my past,
Make my life be as you will,

* (Jesus the Christ/ Yeshua Ha’Meshiach)

2 thoughts on “A Prayer For Now

  1. Thank you Mark. I have read some of your comments on skipmoen’s site. This posting is beautiful and thought-provoking.

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